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Don’t get too excited just yet for we will be sharing with you the best free VPN for HBO Max. Wanna have an uninterrupted HBO Max and chill session while watching the upcoming Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson? Read on to know more.

For the film enthusiasts out there, Wes Anderson’s works are like the archetype of visual art. Known as the most direct director in his generation, one could definitely see his creative control over his film’s narrative. This is the main reason why most people, including me, enjoy watching his movies. However, the struggle to find a streaming platform that screens such films is close to impossible—not until today.

HBO Max recently announced new titles that will arrive in their streaming service this October. One of which is Wes Anderson’s 2012 hit, Moonrise Kingdom. But another problem ensues. Since the said platform isn’t readily available in remote regions, subscribers from these heavily censored countries still won’t be able to watch.

Fortunately for them, there is an online tool that can resolve this problem: that is by using a Virtual Private Network or a VPN.

Watch Moonrise Kingdom with the best free VPN for HBO Max

There’s no need to worry about not being able to access HBO Max on your current location! With a free VPN, you can conveniently watch your favorite films anytime, anywhere.

This works by rerouting your internet traffic to a secured network before it reaches its original destination. The same thing occurs going back. This process is called data encryption. Now, once the data is routed through the secured network, it makes your identity and entire online activity concealed; allowing you to bypass any geographical restrictions undetected.

On that account, you can easily access HBO Max and watch the Moonrise Kingdom safely and anonymously.

Connect to GoingVPN now

To get things started and get you on the right vibe for your movie night, we suggest you install a VPN now. See the steps below for an easy guide:

  • First things first, download any VPN of your choice. But if you’re looking for a VPN service that does not compromise your monthly budget, a free VPN such as GoingVPN is mostly recommended. Although free, it provides fast, safe, and unlimited connection for everyone. Learn more here.
  • Next up, activate the GoingVPN app by connecting to any available server location. GoingVPN has over a hundred servers in 30+ locations but for this specific purpose, you may select one of the US servers. Since HBO Max mostly caters the US audience, it would be the safest option.
  • Finally, log in to your HBO account and enjoy streaming Moonrise Kingdom without restrictions.

Just an important note for you, this VPN trick will only work for paid subscribers. Connecting to a free VPN will not allow you to watch this HBO Max exclusive film for free.

GoingVPN is available on both Android and iOS devices, go to the Google Play Store or App Store to download the app now.

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