Buzzfeed Unsolved on Amazon Prime

Buzzfeed Unsolved is coming to an end. The reason for the pack up is for the hosts to focus more on their independent production company, Watcher. Since 2016, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej have been entertaining their viewers on their thriller escapades as they incorporate them with their comical sense. As we’re saying goodbye to the amazing duo, let’s relive and binge watch Buzzfeed Unsolved on Amazon Prime.

Buzzfeed Unsolved started as a YouTube project. Mainly, anyone on the web can watch the account’s videos for free. But since its virtual plight has become a success, Amazon Prime added the show on their list. This made speculations among fans that when the show ends, all episodes on YouTube will be deleted.

Truth be told, this is such a business savvy move as Buzzfeed Unsolved has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. Venturing into paid streaming services like Amazon Prime would make the show’s production continuously generate income even when they aren’t filming anymore. And certainly, fans would be willing to sign up on Amazon Prime just to binge watch the series.

However, Amazon Prime is not available in all countries. Moreso, Buzzfeed Unsolved can only be watched by Amazon Prime’s subscribers who are located in the US territories and some parts of Asia.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to access and binge watch Buzzfeed Unsolved on Amazon Prime wherever you are.

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