lag-free movie night

It’s Friday! What better way to celebrate the last working day of the month (for the chosen ones) than binge-watching all the best shows on your long-forgotten watch list? After days and nights of non-stop hustle to meet the deadline, you’re finally free—at least for two good days. Prepare the pizza and soda, turn off your phone, grab your blanket, and go. There’s nothing stopping you from savoring the night… whoops. What happened? The internet speed has dropped down badly, maybe it’s your Internet Service Provider noticing the sudden surge in your internet usage. How is that relevant? Listen up.

ISPs use a software called bandwidth throttling. (We have a previous post regarding this topic, you can read it here.) A quick Google search will show you this brief definition: “The intentional slowing or speeding of an internet service by an Internet service provider.” In an attempt to regulate the internet traffic and to ensure a fair service among all the users, ISPs use this method whenever they detect unusual congestion in any of their users’ lanes. For example, you’re downloading or streaming a show in high-definition for an unusually long period of time, your ISP can detect that and will be able to slow down your internet speed and ultimately cause lags. But there’s a way for a lag-free movie night. Read on.

Using a free VPN to avoid bandwidth throttling across your Android devices

By using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, you can enjoy a lag-free movie night alone or with your closest friends. How? Imagine a game of Dominos. First off, it is a well-known fact that a VPN can hide your browsing activity even from your own ISP. We even wrote an article about it, read here. Thus, making it impossible for the latter to monitor your traffic. Consequently, if your ISP can’t see your online activities, they can’t detect any change in your internet traffic. Therefore, they have no reason to slow down your connection. Got it?

But you must know that not all VPNs are created equally. To fully optimize its benefits, choose a free VPN that can help block your ISP’s view without much hassle like GoingVPN. It offers high-speed and unlimited data that you can use for streaming and downloading big files while keeping your connection safe. You can pull through your HD movie night smoothly without the worry of your ISP suddenly slowing down your connection. To learn more, visit

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