Protect Your Online Privacy with GoingVPN’s Safe and Free VPN Service

Hurry! This isn’t a drill.

We are now in an era where personal data can easily be hacked in a blink of an eye. The global pandemic made matters even worse. Since we’re all advised to keep a safe distance from one another, we’re pushed to do all our transactions online. From food delivery to zoom meetings at work and with friends, our personal information is all over the internet now. And that goes without saying that we are not at all safe from data theft and manipulation by those preying on our vulnerability.

Thankfully, we have Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to the rescue. If you’re not yet familiar with what it does, here is an easy-to-follow flow chart:

Safe and Free VPN
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VPN is a simple software that protects your online privacy. Basically, what it does is encrypt the data you send over the internet, meaning no one can see whatever you’re doing online. It protects you from hackers and other online criminals. But wait, it gets even better. Apart from security, it also helps you get access to as many sites as you want sans geoblocks by hiding your real IP address. It’s safe and convenient at the same time!

Safe and Free VPN

GoingVPN does just that. Its top-notch security features protect you from unwanted spies, even professional hackers, that may use your personal information against you. It does not only encrypt your data but also your IP address so won’t leave any trace behind. With this in mind, you can surf comfortably at home and even in public places. Additionally, it offers its users unlimited data to use for streaming and surfing while ensuring a high-speed and reliable service wherever you are.

GoingVPN also helps you unlock blocked sites with its several server locations and bandwidth that is just a click away. Thanks to its simple and easy-to-use interface, you can simply choose whichever server suits your need and press the switch button to connect. Once done, you are free to watch and stream and play all you want. The best part is? IT’S ALL FREE FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.

But if you’re still looking to upgrade your online security, you can opt to subscribe to GoingVPN Plus to get more server locations and maximum speed. To start off, you can enjoy 7 days of a free trial when you share it with your friends. Go to for more details.

So, what are you waiting for? Say bye-bye to hacking worries and start your safe and free VPN journey NOW. Get your phone or tablet and go to Play Store or App Store. Download the GoingVPN app, and explore the limitless possibilities.