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Myanmar’s internet has now been declared as “not free” by the advocacy body of the Freedom House. The recent military coup that overthrew democratically-elected leaders threatens even tighter controls on access to the web. The army has disrupted half of the country’s internet traffic and blocked various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and others.

In addition to censorship, online speech criticizing the military or government can be harshly penalized under Myanmar’s Telecommunications Law. So, to remain safe and secure on the web in Myanmar, we recommend you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

A VPN is a handy piece of software that maintains your anonymity online by encrypting all the traffic flowing to and from your device and routing it via an intermediary server outside your country. Hackers and surveillance agencies are kept at bay, and you can privately access blocked sites like Facebook, news media outlets, and many more.

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With the recent news of internet disruption in Myanmar those who need to access blocked websites, download and stream their favorite shows, and play mobile games are searching for answers as to how they can beat online censorship. Well, lucky for you as you have come to the right place. Connecting to the best VPN in Myanmar can help you access, download, or stream geo-blocked movies and series and encrypt your data, keeping your private activity and information confidential. 

So, whether you’re browsing the web at home, at the office, or through public wi-fi, you will always remain anonymous, and nobody – from hackers to government officials – can see what you’re doing online.

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