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Myanmar’s military junta has blocked access to Facebook and other leading social media services like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and the likes after the country’s military seized power in a coup.

Because of this move, more and more people are searching for ways as to how they can get access to these websites and beat internet censorship. As internet freedom is drastically declining in the country and censorship is on the rise, A VPN is a solution that has been a very useful tool to many.

People living in heavily-censored countries such as Myanmar can get so many benefits in using a VPN. One of which is the ability to get access and unblock various social media websites and applications. 

If you’re looking for answers as to how you can maximize the use of a private internet access, hide your IP address for free, and unblock websites using a VPN, we got you.

In this article, we will be sharing with you the Top 5 social media applications you can unblock with the use of a free VPN that works in Myanmar. Let’s take a look.

1. Facebook

With more than 22 million users in Myanmar to date, Facebook is one of the most used social media websites in the country. Given that, it is also one of the websites that has been banned as it can be a platform used by those against the government. Now, people in Myanmar are looking for ways as to how they can unblock sites such as Facebook. If you want to get free VPN access to Facebook, a VPN such as GoingVPN can be of great help.  

2. Instagram

Photo service application Instagram is also included on the list of blocked social media websites in Myanmar. However, there are various free VPN providers that can beat internet censorship and let you have total internet freedom giving you access to your accounts. 

3. Twitter

Not long after the government has blocked the use of social media giant Facebook, it has ordered mobile networks and internet service providers to block off Twitter as it has been reportedly used as a platform to show resistance and protest against the coup. Because of that, millions of users in the country have been searching for a free VPN that works in Myanmar and fortunately, there are a lot.

4. Tiktok

Armed Myanmar soldiers and police are using TikTok to deliver death threats to protesters against last month’s coup, researchers said, leading the Chinese video-sharing app to announce it was removing content that incites violence. For you to get access to the application, you have to find a free VPN for Tiktok that includes Myanmar in their free VPN server list.

5. WhatsApp

A subsidiary of Facebook, WhatsApp has been ordered to be temporarily blocked as it is contributing to instability in the country according to their government. Considered as one of the applications that connects Burmese people with one another and all over the world, users have been searching for free VPN providers that can help them get access to the leading messaging application.